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    Well, hail to all!

    I was always interested in map making, and maps, particularly handcrafted. Due to the lack of time haven't tried to draw one for years. As the matter of games, I find some time to play Linley's Dungeon Crawl and its improved version 'Stone Soup'. I am interested in labyrinths and mazes as well.

    I was surprised when I found this forum months ago, but since I don't have something smart to write, I haven't post before. I can not critique someones work, because I do not have my own... but maybe I will someday. Until then I will enjoy in yours.

    If I find some of my drawings [maps], I will scan and post it, but I doubt that that papers are somewhere in the house.

    Just sad that this forum was not made years ago, but better ever than never.

    Good work, and all the best to all

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    Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome Mazeater!

    Your background is very similar to mine, where I haven't hand-drawn maps for quite some time. Those were some good memories. I still need to get my hands on a good scanner so I can post some of my original drawings. Looking forward to that, .

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