I'm sure this question gets asked a lot, but I was wondering what would be the best software program(s) in order to make a huge map. I'm talking about 3000x6000...maybe larger. I started hand drawing a former map all in TwistedBrush that was 3300x2400 and I liked it, it was time consuming but it allowed me more artistic control. However, when I started getting to the point of adding mountains and forests it started looking a little...well..."cheap". So I got 3 weeks off from work and money is no object (I'm a developer so I can get pretty much any software I need from the office)

My photoshop skills are so-so but since my job is basically learning new software whenever I need to it is not a huge problem for me to work with tutorials online and learn something new. Any help would be great. I'm thinking I can make the general outline in TwistedBrush then export that to Photoshop for texturing and "flavor" then use...maybe Fireworks to create smaller art assets such as forts and waterfalls...etc. Not sure...anyhoo Happy Holidays.