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Thread: Where's a good place to buy or rent existing fantasy maps?

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    Default Where's a good place to buy or rent existing fantasy maps?

    I'm just making a small fantasy RPG and have a low budget. Is there anywhere I can buy 2nd hand art fantasy maps, that looks really great. I'm just looking for a fantasy map on approximately this scale (not mine):
    Mirranor Fantasy map by Djekspek on deviantART

    Also, I don't need exclusive rights and I don't mind if the map is resold, etc. If possible, maybe even rent or borrow a map for 2 months, because I'm really not sure if the game will work out commercially (probably wont). I've tried clipart websites, but their quality is pretty bad most of the time.


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    Why do you want to buy second hand maps? There are thousands of them available here (See the forum "Finished Maps"). Many are available for free commercial and personal use.
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