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Thread: New from Texas

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    Default New from Texas

    I am an old retired guy, but have had an interest in maps and mapping since my elementary school days.

    In college I took a bit of geology field training with a plane table and alidade, and learned to use a Brunton compass a bit. Since I was interested in archaeology I studied archaeological mapping with hand instruments, and did a few maps for a site report publication.

    I also started playing D&D when it came out, so have to admit to drawing a few fantasy gamer maps.

    I hunt, fish, and do bushcraft ( which is how I came to find this forum) so maps are still of interest to me. Have not tried making any field maps in a lot of years, but might have time for that this summer.

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    Welcome to the Guild GreyOne! Sounds like you have some first hand knowledge that will serve you well as you learn the ropes of digital (or hand drawn) cartography. The best place to start would be the Tutorials section of course. There are loads of helpful walk-through's on hand drawn mapping as well as mapping with various forms of software. So spend some time getting to know what's out there and once you've found some things of interest, begin a Work In Progress thread to show the progression of your map. This will enable others to provide early feedback and constructive criticism to help you refine your skill.


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