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    Hello everybody my name is Chris. I am an absolute amateur in drawing maps both because my drawing skills don't seem to develop and because I like writing and coming up with alternative worlds better.
    Right now I am busy with thinking up a new world which I really want to expand and write about. I hope I can find some people here that can help me with visualising my descriptions of cities and landscapes into maps.
    I absoluty love what I have seen so far on this website and I am aware that there are some seriously skilled people here. I hope I can give you some inspiration and vice versa. If you are interested in drawing the ideas of a stranger, well by all mean comment!

    I might have made some grammatical errors for English is not my first language (I am from the Netherlands). I hope I will meet some great people here that can help me to visualize my ideas which will definitly inspire me!

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    Welcome to the Guild Chris! Are you wishing to learn to create fantasy maps or are you looking to commission someone to create them for you? You can do both at the Guild. If the former, you should begin by spending some time getting to know the Tutorials section. There is a plethora of helpful material there to help you get started. If the latter, check out the Sticky in the Map Requests section and then post a commission add explaining the nature of the project.


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