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Thread: PRESENTING: The right honourable Scoopz, and his far introduction!

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    Default PRESENTING: The right honourable Scoopz, and his far introduction!

    Good day excellent sirs and madams!

    I have come to introduce myself to these fine forums!

    Where to start? I guess with how I became interested in cartography, or at least map-making as a hobby. I'm 17 now and since a very young age I have sketched cities layouts and castles and their surrounding territories (still not very good at it, mind you). More recently, myself and a few online friends got together to play Ryuutama (P&P RPG), any interesting system that I won't go into here, needless to say I fulfilled the role of mapper and my latent interest in maps came right back to the surface, unfortunately we stopped playing after a while, but I was still very interested in cartography, so in short, I figured: this is probably the awesomest place to fulfill my interest!

    About myself then? Well, like I said I'm 17 (going on 18 here) and am just finishing up high school. I hang out a lot with my friends, but ultimately they don't share some of my more... intellectual interests. I was a pretty boring kid, but in the last couple of years, I've really tried to cultivate the more artistic side of myself (to varying degrees of success (I still can't sing damnit D). Anyhoo, as you'll read on my profile: I enjoy drawing, reading, playing my gee-tar, and in general worldbuilding and that sort of thing.

    Well regardless, I think now I've done my introductory duty, I shall in a short period of time go forth and productively map (as well post some WIP maps i've been working on)!


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    Welcome to the board.

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    Welcome Scoopz, I think you'll find many people here that share your interests. Look forward to seeing your work.


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