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Thread: Two hand-drawn Continents (As of yet nameless)

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    Wip Two hand-drawn Continents (As of yet nameless)

    Gah, my FF crashed while I was typing. Second try...

    I'm starting a new DnD campaign soon, and I suggested to my DM that I create a map of wherever we start from. He agreed, and gave me two constraints: it must be a single continent, and it should be clearly divided in half by some sort of landmark. I place another constraint on myself: I had to include the Diffin Strait.

    I started to do some sketching by hand, thinking I'd just do it over in Gimp, but at one point I realized I might as well keep it on paper: the paper I'm using is yellowish, and, after all, how better to get a hand-drawn look then to actually draw it by hand?

    Some more details:
    1) As I said, the paper is beige-yellow, and it is rather rough, so it looks better IRL then the image below.
    2) No names as of yet, as my DM asked me to let him do that.
    3) The maps are at a different scale: the first one is about 5500 Km wide (the width of the US) while the second is about 3000 Km wide (width of Australia). In both cases, the Diffin Strait (at the mouth of both interior seas) is roughly at scale.
    4) I'll keep working on it; a lot of stuff is missing (forests, cities, etc.).

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    All works shown in my posts are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License (good thinking jfrazierjr)

    Consider all my maps to be usable by anyone for the CWBP. Feel free to ask me for the .xcf or to ask me to change the orientation or scale.

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    Overall, I think the maps are pretty good. I do think that it would be good for you to try and work in PS or Gimp. You could always scan the work in. You could also finish the hand drawn maps and then scan them.

    Now for my suggestions on the map:

    1. The mountains. The symbols are pretty basic, and are a little too lightly drawn in so they are difficult to see. I would try to spice them up a little, and darken them up a bit... They may be clearer to see in person, and if that is the case, disregard the darkening comment.

    2. I don't know how far along these are, but it would be good to show woodlands and cities as well as other features of the lands. That may be in the works, so disregard if they are.

    I like the shapes of the continents. You have gotten them on a sheet of paper, but they are not "square" looking. Many people think that they have to use as much of the paper as they can for their landmass, and they end up looking box-like. Yours do a good job of avoiding that.

    Looking to see further updates!

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