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    Cragshead Chapel is a chapel of the sinister cult of Somos, god of death and evil magic. His followers engage in necromancy and demon summoning. It's a forbidden cult, so they have hidden places of worship--this cave was carved into the cliffs north of the village of Cragshead, with the entrance covered with brush. Recently it was investigated by a group of smugglers, who bit off more than they could chew when they discovered that the priests were gone and only their evil experiments remained behind--they did leave the mouth uncovered and easy to find, though.

    The main floor includes a cloakroom and latrine, the main chapel, sleeping quarters and kitchen to the north, and the priest's quarters and a vestry to the east:

    The second floor is full of cells for imprisoning their evil creations, as well as a vast summoning circle for more demonic rituals.

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    Ugh. Tokens.

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