Hello everyone

We're at 54% for our Kickstarter funding goal, and would like to expound on our goals to this community because we believe our goals directly provide benefit to the cartography community.

If we get support to implement our new mapping system, maps like the ones shared here will not merely be background images anymore. We want to impose sections on the map (e.g. cut by grid), where each section is an object where properties and events can be attributed to it.

This way a map system can provide the same behavior for both tile sets, and imported maps. Secondly, we want to move toward bound or fixed environments, instead of MapTool's infinite canvas. This has many advantages since it gives us more control over what can be put into the map model, and is more efficient, performance-wise, with regard to the application. Besides, it is evident now that most map makers don't need more lateral space beyond an initial setting, but desire arbitrary vertical space (i.e. layers).

These are just some of the things we want to implement, and we hope for community support to bring this free, to the entire tabletop community.

So, please consider supporting us, either through personally backing our project, or sharing it with people and communities who might be interested. Here's our KS link.

Let me know what you guys think! It always helps us to have feedback, and to clarify any questions you may have. You can also find us on G+ where we share project updates that come down the pipe

Thank you!