Hello everyone. I'm not new to the site, I've been registered for a year or so now but I lurked long before that. I attempted my hand at a few maps a while ago and was disappointed to say the least. That is not to say I will not try again, I just have other activities in which harrow my free time. I am more of a creator and writer, I just wish what I write about I could make the maps to show what I see when I describe or detail something.

That being said I need help, there are so many maps linked on this site it is causing me eye strain looking for something I could use for a local pen and paper game. (I have used a few maps in this manner and it blows my gamers minds when I show them the awesomeness that this place can bring to the table.) The question, is there any map on here that anyone has done that could assist me in this? I am looking for a map that is a city turned dungeon, not like a Drow city but a human city that collapsed and fell underground to be buried yet is still habitable. I know what I want it to look lie in my mind but everytime I attempted to create it I fell really short on anything really. Any advice would help, I would really love to create this place myself to have on hand. But I think that is a long way off unless I commission it. Any help is appreciated, even a hello welcome would be a pleasure. Thanks again.