We’re making a RPG/FreeCell hybrid game and are in love with some of the maps around here! We could blissfully stare at these all day long and that’s exactly what we need when working on a game.

We’re taking the standard FreeCell game play (it’s a guilty pleasure!) and putting it on steroids with traditional RPG mechanics like leveling, spells, inventory and loot. A basic FreeCell game that we created is available to play at Unity Web Player | FreeCell Solitaire Playing Card Starter Kit. The game will target mobile, PC and web platforms.

Overworld Map
Ideally we’d like a map to be as gorgeous and well developed as Photo 3 of 6 from My Finished Maps or http://www.cartographersguild.com/ca...varin-max.html or http://www.cartographersguild.com/ca...ia-daelin.html

Obviously those maps took months to create. An exclusive copyright on the map isn’t needed so an existing work of that quality could simply be licensed. We love the style of the above maps and want something similar.

The bigger the map is the better. All of the above are big enough. It’s intended to be an overworld map that the player plays through, defeating each of the cities. The nations laid out on the last one are really cool as well.

Card Faces
52 Card Faces
5 Card Backs (Recolors of a single pattern would be fine for this. Maybe a heavily flourished compass)
Empty Deck Slot (A border that just shows the position of an empty deck.)

The card face images should be 220x320. You can use https://code.google.com/p/vector-playing-cards/ as a starting point. For the face cards perhaps cropped areas of the map could be used, or maybe just distress the existing traditional faces until they match the style of the map.

Other Assets
Background Texture (2560x1600 where the card game is played)
GUI Border (that can be nine sliced like this: Nine-slicing rocks: NGUI UISlicedSprite | Devblog @ TakeoutArcade)
GUI Button
Star Icon 32x32 (Used on the map to show that a city has been mastered)
Empty Star Icon Slot (Just an outline of a star to show that it needs to be earned)
Game Logo
Game Icon (256x256)

All graphics should match the theme and style of the overworld map. We’d like all source files for the assets and to own the copyrights to everything except the map and font. $1000 for the entire project via paypal or check.

Since I’m not able to PM here yet please contact me at bryanlivingston at gmail dot com. I’m also available on google talk and google hangouts at that address.