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Thread: Improve City Map for Boardgame protoype

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    Map Improve City Map for Boardgame protoype

    Hi all.

    Its been so long I feel I should introduce myself. I was a regular member here for some time and helped with the admin. I have been away for a long time, working on many projects, one of which is explained a bit more below. I check in every now and again and continue to marvel at what great community this is. Keep up the excellent work.

    One of the things I have been doing is designing a board game. It is fairly thoroughly play-tested now and I've got to the point of showing it to people, some of whom maybe able to take it to the next level. There is a lot of graphics in the game but the central graphical feature is the map. I did the map using techniques I learned here from very generous people. The current map is attached. I need it made better. The theme of the game is struggle for influence over the quarters in the city between 2 to 6 factions. They all have coats of arms that are on the outsides of the map. The other features such as turn counter and turn orders, as well as text, also need to be on any new map. While I want the map to be detailed, players place small coloured cubes on it and if its too busy the cubes get lost. The size needs to be 50cm x 75cm and needs to have good detail at that size so plenty of res. The mood of the game is Dark fantasy, political, middle ages. The map needs to set that tone and all the other graphical elements will need to follow it.

    I would be very grateful is someone was able to improve my map with the above in mind. There's no money in it at this stage, but if the prototype does the trick, there maybe some down the line.
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