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    I drew this series of maps for a D&D adventure for my kids. (I'm a good Dad). The basic idea was that a huge volcanic eruption, and resulting lava flow were slowly destroying the idyllic land of Ardor. The lava flowed from the Northeast to the southwest, VERY SLOWLY swallowing up the countryside. I tried to create fear of the slow but completely unstoppable flow of the lava, and instill a sense of panic in the players and everyone around them as people, animals, and even the 'monsters' sought escape, and were driven before it. Mages both good and evil dropped their differences, and banded together to raise walls, blast out ice, and otherwise save the land (and themselves) only to fail. Dwarves built bastions around towns on high ground against the flows, only to be swallowed up in a horrible fashion. No only did the players have to keep their feet out of the fire (pun intended) but they had to watch their backs as the entire society fell apart all around them, the truly scary part. Money became worthless. Titles meant nothing. Landowners found themselves no better off than a common peasant. passes onto hastily built barges were given out by lot. It was a very eye-opening campaign. Anyway, here are the maps: (First post. I hope this comes out right).....

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    As Ardor was covered in thirty feet of lava, the port city of Typhis was were everyone ended up. That's where things got really interesting. A lot of cloak-and-dagger stuff went on as each member of the players party had to 'obtain' a pass to get onto one of the barges or be cooked alive there like everyone else.

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    Way to go!

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    Nice maps and interesting idea. Incidentally, no more than 20 minutes ago, I was watching on TV a documentary on active / erupting volcanoes.

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