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    Hello Forum.

    I'm from NY state and a giant fan of D&D, media editing and world building which is what brought me here. About a month ago I decided to start trying to stream my D&D games online. I had been experimenting with YouTube, Twitch and media editors on and off for several years and now I'm trying it with tabletop games. Though I'm only pulling in a handful of views, maybe 20 on Twitch or 50 on YouTube at the best, I want to make an effort to give credit to people who make maps for these kind of games. After messaging one artist about it they mentioned this site that I only sort of heard about. So I figured I'd join the forum and start chatting to a few map makers, see how people feel about me using their stuff in this way or even commissioning maps in the future. (don't get excited at the last bit, I'm just another poor person who dreams)

    I'll never become famous with it but if someone ever comes across a cool map in one of my games I want to attempt to make sure they know who or what program created it.

    Now since a lot of you are map makers maybe I'll let you know about the island I'm creating. Kado is an anti-social island, surrounded by hazards, steep ledges, rocky outcrops and swirling tides. The dialog for this trip is dominated more by if you'll make it than when. Though like the best of treasure chests, once you avoid the trap and crack the lock you'll find it's nothing but gold inside. Rolling amber fields stretched far over hills with a massive central mountain in the distance. The land is generous, crops flourishing and mountains pouring with rare gemstones. For those knowledgeable enough there's evidence of volcanic activity under the fields, perhaps one last trap guards this treasure. The mountains have begun to melt its icy crap, local rivers are unusually high and more turbulent than you'd expect. Subtle changes are agitating the wild life that has become unusually aggressive and territorial, leaving the caves and underworld for prolonged times.

    And just to say
    I use programs to generate worlds such as Donjon, various resources at Inkwell, Adobe suit, TokenTool. I maintain the world with Roll20, ObsidianPortal, and maybe a forum later on.
    The campaign I'm Creating for this experiment is called "Dragon Bones". A game that revolves around this large island of Kado when the dragon guardian vanishes and the power vacuum that results.

    and that's my introduction, hope to hang around a while at least.

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    Howdy welcome to the guild. Your in the right place for all sorts of fantasy and D&D mapping, both for improving you skills and for simply finding resources you might be interested in. Sounds like you're using a lot of different resources, I'm curious how you find Roll20 from a users end?

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