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Thread: How many starting from Fractal terrains?

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    Default How many starting from Fractal terrains?

    I am actually reevalutating this software immensely , I tought was more limited instead has an enormous poetntial and perhaps in future editions will become even better...

    Now I amwondering how many of your awesome world maps have been created with Fractal terrains? I especially mean the ones that are made with tectonics in mind?

    and with what setting did you were able t0o reproduce the most close to Earthsized masses and numbers ready for a possible tectonic work ?

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    Well as you know from my thread, I used Fractal Terrains just to get the shapes of my land masses. At first I wanted to get the whole map done in FT, which the height-map and all, but I'm terrible at making the program do what I want, I don't have the patience or the confidence to pull it off, specially since FT made continents too thin mostly always and the mountain ranges also mostly always in the center of the continents, which is a known issue, then there was the rivers being broken or the bug with the straight lines coming of the rivers. Plus it seems it's hard to get deserts too, and it doesn't have in mind tectonics, which was a must for me.

    So I love Fractal Terrains and the potential it has, but I can't get too much into, I don't have the patience to get around all those little things. I did want it to be my all-in-one solution and work shapes, altitude and terrain there, but I didn't get too far, totally my fault. Still it gave me my precious land shapes and I have a lot of fun messing up with the generator, so just for that it was worth it.

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