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    Hi there!

    I’m currently researching for my fantasy novel and stumbled upon this wonderful place. It’s a shame I didn’t find it sooner! This community really is a meeting point for talented artists and experts of all kinds. I intend to make the map for my world as realistic as I possibly can and I already found so much useful information here. All these tips and tutorials provided on this forum are amazing. In the end I couldn’t resist to register myself.

    Sometimes it’s quite the challenge to understand everything, especially when you guys talk about Geology and other scientific topics, because English isn’t my first language. That’s the reason I hesitated at first, but my determination to do better worldbuilding won in the end. I’ll just torture the google translator a bit, if everything else fails.

    Now I’ve got a question. I want to figure out the tectonic plates for my world and this little website got my attention:

    It simulates tectonic movement, but it is hard to determine how good it is. The results are supposed to be better if you run it at slower speed. What do you think? Is it up to the job?
    This could be a useful guideline when I need to draw my landmasses, but I don’t trust it.

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    Hello, and welcome to the guild! I haven't got a clue about whether that site is good or not, but I do know that there are some people here who really know their geology and tectonics. Though a firm understanding of how your world formed can make your maps more realistic, you also need to make a map that works for your story. Just watch out for the River Police!

    (actually you should listen to them)

    Whatever path you choose to take, you have found a great community to help you on your way.


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