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    Post More cities (City Designer 3)

    As it is not my intention to spam this forum with my own threads I am going to put more of my maps in here.
    Earlier creations that I posted in the Finished maps section:

    Overland map of the world:

    Regional map of Verena:

    Regional map of the north part of the Valley:

    Regional map of the entire Valley:

    Map of the keep in Verena:


    - Concetron (capital):

    - Meerzicht (fortress town protecting Concetron):

    - Sirilion (largest city in the world):

    - Tweeberg (fortress town protecting Sirilion)

    - Westdiep (large harbor)

    - Ziadon (large mountain town)

    - Groenwoud (large logging town)

    Other city maps are located in this thread.

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