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    Wip E V Teleny

    Once upon a time, in a galaxy...

    Oh, wrong story...

    This is the deckplan for a ship called the Teleny, a ship used in a series of sf stories I write and set a couple of centuries from now. Given that one main arcs of the series is set aboard the Teleny, I really needed to know how everything was laid out so I didn't have people running into each other, or taking the wrong turn in order to get to whichever room they were headed for. So, using CC3 + Cosmographer, I set about designing a deckplan...and this is it.

    I've tagged this as a 'WIP' because some of the rooms haven't been defined yet - the story hasn't need them to have a function thus far - and also because I simply don't have the symbols for all that goes on in those rooms.

    Anyway, I'd love to hear some feedback about how it looks, how it could have been done better, etc....

    Geek: the coloured blocks are for scale and each block is 5m
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    Interesting and nicely done...I think the only "negative" thing I can say is that it appears you have lots of nice detail, but the image resolution doesn't really allow you to see it very well.
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    Post Image Size & Engines

    Addressing questions asked...

    Image size: Once I re-render the shuttle from the lower deck - I lost a lot of files in a disk crash - I'll re-create this image at something like 4000px to give a better idea of the detail. I might even add carpet tiles so I can trim off the border (which I don't like)

    Engines: in the stories, nobody messes with the engines of a starship as no human could understand their complexities, hence the lack of a visible engine compartment.

    Hull: Same as above, the ship is long and sleek but the rest is left to the imagination of the reader. This helps as I haven't yet figured out how to have nice bezier-curved hulls in CC3/Cosmo

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