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Thread: Beware the Doghouse!!!!!!!!!

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    Info Beware the Doghouse!!!!!!!!!

    This is certainly not map related by any stretch of the imagination, but tis that time of year, and because most of us here are Guys, I thought I would share this little inspirational video, and maybe save one or two of you from a dis-satisfying experience this year.

    Watch and learn boys, you have been warned.
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    Funny stuff...frighteningly true, but funny nonetheless.
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    Someday, I hope to get out as well...I dream the impossible dream.
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    I want to make a similar anit-video where the doghouse is this place where we have wall to wall puters with bars resplendent with fine wines, comely wenches bringing you ales and....I'd never leave....mind you, wouldn't make much money for JC Penny....

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