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Thread: [CC3] Trace

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    Help [CC3] Trace

    I am trying to use trace to make a road around the inside of a semi-circle attached to straight lines. However when I use the trace command it only goes through the middle of the entity. ANyway to get it to go to one of the edges?
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    I don't really know what you want here...
    What software is this?
    Do you want it only on the inside?

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    He's using CC3 - I'm sure one of the more experienced CC users will be along to answer his question.
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    Trace is used for, well, tracing along an already existing entity.

    Are you trying to get a road to go along an entity exactly as you are depicting here? If so, your best best is to simply just draw the first path (the arc and the two lines) and then draw a smaller arc inside the first, and attach two lines to it.
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    Unfortunately, the way CC3 trace works is to trace the centre line of the other line. So if you've got a wide line and a hollow fill, then trace that with a thin line, you'll get a wide hollow line with the thin line down the middle. I can't recall off the top of my head whether there's an offset. I don't think there is.
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