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Thread: UK Timber Frame Reconstructions

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    Post UK Timber Frame Reconstructions

    This is a company specializing in oak framed buildings,

    They have a really pretty portfolio, including lots of historical rebuilds, from tithe barns to Windsor Castle.

    If you want visual images for medieval building structure.

    Here are some better info but less luscious pictures:

    Timber Frame

    Cruck Frame


    If people post other sites with medieval building pics I wont feel like this is spam....

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    This is Lacock where they have a whole town in this style - a definite recommended visit if your in the area.

    Heres a close up of some of the wood beams on the house in the middle.

    Lots more (not mine this time) pics of Lacock buildings...

    Just looked up the wiki entry. I knew all the Harry Potter films were done there but didnt know about RoS esp Cromm Cruac - one of the best episodes too. Cool.

    Google Maps
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