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Thread: Overworld - Region (RPG)

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    Wip Overworld - Region (RPG)

    First let me say that I am sorry I have not been around much. I have been busy with work (US Air Force). I am currently writing from my deployed location in Iraq, anyway…

    This map is a concept art sketch for a friend I made sins coming to Iraq. It is an over world for an RPG he would like to make someday... the world would be younger than earth with more tectonic activity an such (but habitable). I have not added town locations or names to this version at his request.

    I will begin writing a tutorial on how I did this map as soon as I can. The map is painted start-to-finish in Photoshop and the work is done using layer styles and brush presets… (that I need to save, tweak, and post).

    Once the brushes and layer styles are setup/applied to the layers, the ground, mountains, and trees paint on with very little effort.

    The tricky part is to get the layers to look good together and for that I have found that the “smudge tool” is your best friend followed closely by the “Blur tool” (not the blur filter).

    Some of you might already guess that this is a mod of my "mud" from a contest a few few few months back.

    My only enemy here is time because work must come first where I am, but I will keep at it and post something like a step-by-step soon

    Here is the picture (WIP)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Please let me know what you think and give me feedback on what I can do to make it better. I am trying to develop a standardized work flow and tool set that anyone can use to paint a map like this... (not an easy task) so any comments or critiques are very welcome.

    It feels good to post here again... I have missed this place.

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    I like it so far, and will be interested in your tutorial once it's finished.

    I don't do much with modifying brush strokes, etc. - something I need to try one of these days.
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    I have a bad case of "Mountain Envy" for this map! Very good job on this map, I really like the layout of this map..the only thing I would change is in some spots the mountains look a little blurry, especially just north of the Bay, the smaller mountains, but its just nit picking! Great job, here is some rep!

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    You said it Towser.. Mountain envy

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    Yup, cool mountains

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    Another great map. Gotta love the quality popping up here
    The mountains are indeed gorgeous and the mountain spilling into the sea is great. Repped!
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    Nothing that I would change, I really like the color scheme.
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    Agreed that the map doesn't really need modification, nice job.

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    Wow! Nice! Sharp! Gorgeous! Absolutely love those mountains (much like everyone else, it seems). As for any changes . . . Maybe a tiny bit of texture for the grassland areas (assuming they are grasslands). But that is really trivial at this point given how nice everything else looks.


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    I wish my mountains were as nice as yours :-( Great looking map so far!

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