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Thread: New terraformer for ft pro on the way!

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    Post New terraformer for ft pro on the way!

    Hi guys...
    This is Bill Roach, Author of the Terraformer accessory package for Fractal Terrains Pro (Profantasy Software).

    Recently - I have gone through several big life altering transitions in my personal life that has detracted me from completeing the new Terraformer Release 0.50. I am still in the process of moving things around - HOWEVER - I should have the new version completed and submitted to Profantasy Software by at the latest (I am hoping) Mid April 2009.

    This package will be HUGE - and Fractal Terrain Pro user's shall indeed be well pleased if not overjoyed with it.

    STAY TUNED - The ball is still rolling!...
    "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world." Author Edward Lytton

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