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    Wip Storis

    This is a map I started for a D&D campaign but never finished. It was originally made in Ms Paint (blegh), so I decided to touch it up a bit. I started having fun, so I think I'm going to finish it up. Any critiques or tips would be great.
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    What software are you using now, Hafnium? You can put this under your name on the left so we don't keep asking you the same question!

    I like the textures you've used but the forest and mountain outlines are a bit hard and unnatural (unless that's the look you're going for). Try breaking up the outline a bit. Once I know what software you're using it'll be easier to give C&Cs and help.

    Cheers and welcome to the guild,


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    Ok. I used Paint.NET to edit a jpg I made in paint a few years ago. I know the layout is garbage. I left a bit out of my first post.

    My river thing looks like garbage. Without outlining, how could I fix that?

    The mountain in the north looks like a bloated slug. I know. How do you suggest texturing a mountain?

    Attached is a version with a little less blur on the land mass. Does it look better?

    All the textures are clouds rendered by PDN blended in. I'll attach one without them so you can see whats under the hood.
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    First off.. Welcome Aboard!

    Secondly as has become my habit, have some 'rep' for uploading a map in your first post. *bonk*
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    Here's another with shading. It reduced the slug-ness of the mountains.
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    Hmm it's difficult for me to comment on how to fix stuff because I don't use paintnet. Not sure how many people here do and what it's capable of. Maybe download Gimp and try again? You'll get a lot more advice. Don't mean to beat up on Paintnet though!

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    I used to have PS CS3, but my father has that computer now. I'll try out gimp. Thanks.

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    Ok, GIMP question.

    When I did my map in PDN, I made two layers for the land. One with just solid green and another with a greyscale texture. I set the greyscale one to a option called overlay which is similar to a color burn. I see that there are masks in gimp, but those are just alpha, right?

    Can I accomplish something similar to PDN's overlay in gimp?

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    At the top of the layers dock is a box labeled "mode" with a drop-down menu. That drop-down menu has overlay option and more. Be sure to check out jfrazierjr's tut for layer masks, and RobA's tut for artistic regional maps in GIMP. These two tutorials taught me a lot about the basic tools, and gave me ideas to play with.



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