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Thread: [paid]Realistic Higher Quality Large Map Project

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    Post [paid]Realistic Higher Quality Large Map Project

    Paid, with possible future royalties if reprinted. A byline will be allowed.

    Please send me an email to discuss rates only after your portfolio is selected as an option.

    Time Constraints
    Reasonable 30 -90 days, looking for quality.

    Take this 1st Choice:

    And label like this one, I really hate the font here in this example, I like clean Arial type fonts.:

    Additional side project will be this style of the above map:

    So I may get two to do both different projects

    Looking for a clean ‘real’ looking map along the 1st choice lines. If quality is satisfied then future map making opportunities will continue. Will be looking for other regional views based off this map, and also cities. Would be nice to also find a free hand or computer artist to depict realistic human battle scenes set in Post-roman and pre-middle ages period, 5th-9th century for a fictional fantasy novel series. All images ultimately will be digitized. All original maps and drawings may be hand drawn but ultimately they will be put into a digital format for reprinting purposes. The completed projects will be set via internet.

    Description of Map

    Caution this map is copyrighted by myself, no unauthorized use or reproductions are allowed.

    Warning my scale I believe is off, it probally should be reduced, Ex. my 100 miles on the map probally should be approx. 25-50ish? Any suggestions are welcome on re-envisioning this.

    Quality & Size

    This will be a digital format. For the ability for resizing and printability. Current map is 1512 px X 2096 px. The size will be very similar.

    Copyright -
    • I will have full copyright ownership of the map.
    • I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes.
    • The artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain.
    • The artist will have a byline attached for translating my vision into the artist’s version of the map.
    • The artist will share and receive royalities for future commercial reprints of the map. Exact amount to be determined with the commission price.
    • This map will be published in a series of online ebooks and possible hard book printing.

    CONTACT: naftixe at yahoo dot com. Put Map Bid Project in subject. Only serious inquiries please.
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