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    So, I installed the sims 2 with all of the expansion packs (borrowed from an ex-sims crazed fan ) and I noticed while building, there is a top down view. This can be used to easily create very cool top down maps (not to mention 45 degree views). I attached a lord of the rings hobbit house as an example.

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    Good idea and nice example! Repped.

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    Quite nicer than any of my preconceived notions about the sims. Those that already have it might find this very handy and it's pretty nice to boot. Good job.
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    Looks like it works pretty darn good...
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    Very nice! As a long time Sims2 player, I'm surprised I never thought of using it for this purpose... And building has always been more fun for me than actually playing! I may see what I can put together and post some of my own Sims2 maps. The Bon Voyage expansion has some great cultural stuff, as well as maps, scrolls, treasure chests, bones, and the like. There may be some Halloween decor that could prove useful from a Holiday expansion pack, and I know there's been some gothic/vampiric/medieval stuff released over time... Not to mention player-created addon items.

    The best part is, for RP situations, I can have an overall map as well as 'perspective shots' to show the players what it looks like from ground level.

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    Dunno about Sims, I never played it, but I did get Sim City. I wasn't into playing the game, but having got a list of cheats that stopped it running away with me, I enjoyed using it to map cities. But I was never completely free of the underlying game engine, I couldn't print out very well and it only did isometric view, not top-down.

    What can you map with Sims? can you get free of the engine and print good stuff with it?
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    There is a LOT of great medieval player made items, and Bon voiage has some great stuff. In fact, people have made entire egyptian, roman and medieval cities! You can do top down or 45 degree views. The only way to print is to take a screen shot and bring it into an image editing software. The game has a pretty good in game screen shot system, so you don't have to alt-tab.
    It is a really cool engine that you really don't need to break away from, as it makes some realistic scenery.

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