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    Quote Originally Posted by myself
    Alright, here it is, the first stage of my first map from a larger project. I have only covered the basic relief for now and posted it in the hopes of fixing any errors that might exist.

    First, a quick background. This is the south-eastern part of a larger island. Most of said island is made of rocky terrain and mountains while this south-eastern part seemed a lot more habitable. The humans decided to colonize the island in the hopes of extracting the <insert mineral which I will figure out later here>. For those who know what I'm talking about, the map is obviously inspired by the colony from Gothic I and II.
    Modified the orange-ish color with a different placeholder for mountains. Also, the dark green areas represent places where forests will be, except for the one at (22) which represents the marshes. Both paths and forests are temporary and incomplete.

    Numbers were also edited accordingly:

    1. Main port town. A busy place and the largest settlement of the humans living there.
    2. A mostly barren, deforested area where the main lumber camp will be.
    3. The Inn, strategically placed there hehe.
    4. The Pass into the mining colony.
    5. Main human town within the mining colony itself.
    6. Secondary, smaller human camp. Some of the mines themselves are nearby at (9).
    7. A hidden path that leads up in the mountains towards ( 8 )
    8. Home of a wizard/family of wizards. Don't have many details on this point yet except that the hidden path leads to a plateau.
    9. A couple of mines, currently exploited by the humans.
    10. A lake. Well, more than that but I won't spoil it yet.
    11. The remains of a former castle, the surrounding buildings and walls.
    12. More mines. Perhaps exploited by orcs, with their own camp? Or is the orc idea already too used?
    13. ??? (Thank you for the suggestion but I moved the lumber camp to (2); it fits in my storyline better.
    14. This island remains the home of the "city of the gods". Well, what's left of it anyway. Most historical/religious quests will be based on the discoveries there.
    15. ??? (As suggested, it will be a man-made place. A building, perhaps even a smaller town built here because of the height of the place.
    16. ??? (Perhaps home to a creature, as suggested, perhaps something else.)
    17. Part of this island will be used by pirates to hide their loot or even their existence, as suggested.
    18. The lighthouse area. Mostly green lands. Perhaps some farms between the city and the lighthouse itself.
    19. This formation of islands are home to a humanoid cult practicing dark magic. The nearby coast is not only dangerous because of the amount of rocks in water, but also because of the interference of this cult in the natural water currents.
    20. ???
    21. A thick forest, hiding a later passage towards a different part of the island (unexplored yet).
    22. The marshes.
    23. ??? (Probably a hermit, herbalist.. judging by the vast amount and variety of herbs in the swamp.
    24. The gloomy forest. There have been reports of lights at night. Or odd sounds, some might even say music.
    25. A complex system of caves leading both in the underground as well as somewhere in the heart of the mountains.

    All sorts of comments welcomed!

    Got rid of that small river up there, I'm thinking of adding one starting from the (11) area that finishes into a lake around the (10) area.
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    This looks very promising, I'm thinking about your empty spots... I don't see why 5 should not be a lake.
    The only odd river I spot is the small one in the mining colony... it has no beginning or no end, comes out of the mountains and ends in the mountains.
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    Zar Peter already covered the one river 'anomaly' that I saw...

    • #8 - No reason you can't have a lake there, perhaps use the nearby river to feed it.
    • #12 - Some kind of lighthouse or other 'man-made' landmark/building
    • #13 - Could be the home lair of some great beastie of some sort or home to some sea-faring people.

    Maybe those'll stimulate some more ideas for you...
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    Yes, about that river.. I was thinking that it would probably spring from the northernmost point and then find it's way through caves and underground through that mountain before coming out again on the other side. I guess the idea of going around the mountain through the pass is more plausible.

    Thank you both, I'll go into more detail now.

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    #8 - farmlands, perhaps rice paddies, considering the swamp to the south.

    #12 - If you have 10 be the ruins of an old city, 12 could be the ruins of an immense bridge that once crossed the bay to the island.

    #13 - If you do the mapping a certain way, it could serve as a deep water harbor, for large draft vessels. They would have to unload farther out at sea, then hire other boats to bring their goods into the shallower harbor.
    #13 (alt) - pirate/smuggler's cove. A rocky island, not suited to large-scale permanent habitation. Pirate ships harry incoming vessels. Local attempts to subdue the pirates generally fail, as the island is riddled with caves, some of which lead directly into the sea and are flooded with the tide

    #15 - If 9 is a dark, gloomy forest, this could be a lighter forest, one that's heavily logged for shipbuilding materials.
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    First post edited with new info! A new version of the map is also attached.
    Thank you for your posts so far !

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