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    new here. not sure how things here goes but this is a very interesting site,i love fanstasy,love to create worlds that are out ofthis one,loved the fantasy books such as eragon,lord of the rings,also ,i do remember reading game books by joe dever ,the places that a man can go with such an imagination sure has no limits ,I did particulary love one called guardians of the lost ,journey to the void by tracy hackman and mag weiss funny and interesting.
    I am working on a board game called Gemstones ;the road to conquest and dominion,its pretty much like a traditional fantasy strategy game but the difference here is that each player controls a warlord vieng for control over the continent,the objective of the game is to become the most powerful warlord through either conquest sabotage or riches ,the key element here of course would be the gemstone tokens that i have, quartz ,topaz,ruby and diamonds,quarzt being the most common currency of the land.That being said a certain substatial amount of emphasis will have to go to the manageament of economic aspect of the game involving the gemstones. The warlord himself has the ability to move around the map so as not to get caught by an invading army of course there are so much details to go through sometimes i get a headache,anyway cut the long stry short,im still working on the map
    also a fantasy book that iv been formulating ideas about ever since i can remember.this is a cool website.

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    Welcome to the guild anthony!
    So do you have all the rules for your boardgame or are you still experimenting a lot? What are you using as the board?
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    Im still experimenting,im stuck at the military aspect of the game,not really sure how the battles can be fought,Im thinking of a reliable card based system whch is pretty much all i can think of right now ora turn based grid one with the units,Im still schooling so im not really apt at the amazing things you can do withthe software and all my tools are kind of old school starting out with sketches on different types of cardboards.
    you have really good and detailed maps by the way

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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome to the Guild!
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