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Thread: [taken][un/paid]Map of the Nation Aethous

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    Post [taken][un/paid]Map of the Nation Aethous

    Commission: Definitely willing to pay for this via paypal, or snailmail.*
    Discuss through PM for more details and price negotiations.
    I would rather not go over $100, but if you wow me, we'll chat.
    * CAD or USD only for snail mail, please.
    Style: Old map (like this) mixed with Tolkien/fantasy-style.
    Quality/Size: No size requirements. Quality... decent-high.
    I would prefer the cartographer in question had some artistic skills as well.
    Copyright: I may use this commercially, eventually, one day... maybe.
    It's pretty unlikely, but we can dream. YOU can use it however you'd like.
    As a promotion, for prints, whatever the hell you want to do with it.

    Description of Map:

    Nope, none of the towns/cities are named.
    Let me elaborate on some of the details and my requests

    Capital City to the North: An industrialized mass of factories, clock towers, and faux-naturale buildings (buildings designed to look like trees, mushrooms, or flowers). They have steam-powered dragons wandering the city to guard the royal court (who lives in a faux-tree built mostly of glass). The entire city is surrounded by a fairy ring (Wikipedia).
    Capital City to the South: A magically-charged medieval style palace. It is built on the uneven ledges and grounds of the mountainous terrain. Lots of random towers and bridges just for the **** of it.
    'DANGER' by the Bridge: A mermaid-troll who kills the impure. She is a 'true elf' and, hence, loathes those who are technologically progressive, or have begun merging with dragons (such as the below danger).
    'DANGER' in the Mountains: Vampires, zombies, and gargoyles!
    Black Abyss of Doom: The Origin of the Dragons, as it is called, is uncharted territory where supposedly thousands of dragons reside and mine (yep, my dragons mine). Some of the original dragons live here too, which are far more Lovecraftian than typical dragons. Feel free to draw a tentacle slipping out of the abyss towards that village in the forest or something creepy.
    Dragon's Dens: Three of them are on this map (not including the above black abyss). These are the locations of caves where dragons reside outside of their origin. Deep in the mountains, the forest, and in underwater caverns (these dragons are notably smaller - along with volcanic dragons [not shown on this map]). Mountain dragons are heavy set, sometimes with turtle-like shells; water dragons are more similar to the Chinese-style dragon and tend to have a large neck frill; and forest dragons are based on the dragons/wyverns in Reign of Fire. Don't know if you need that information, but in case you do - there it is!

    Details of the World (reference guide): Hunters in this world use guns and swords, or a weapon that combines both. Farmers mostly keep draconian species (disturbing hybrids of cows and chickens... with dragons), and they grow a variety of grain-sort crops and vegetables. Fruits are relatively scarce, although some of them are grown with the aid of magic (mainly apples). Villages are likely to be themed after Feudal Japanese villages, with that style home and whatnot. The small cities are industrialized, but more like how may think an elven city: tree houses, fairy mounds, and whatnot. They also use a lot of stone for their buildings (and bronze, given the steampunk overtones). People ride around in steam-powered versions of Viking boats (in case you feel like drawing them in for the docks, or just out in the ocean). Additionally, the people of the Southern Capital ride in airships.
    Additional Notes: I am not a cartographer, so the river system, the mountains, the beach line, and the forest aren't all that great - but you get the basic idea of what's important. Please feel free to add extra little streams, roads between villages, detail the mountain roots of the rivers, and otherwise improve on the map as a whole. A lot of the coast line is elevated - so there are cliffs rather than real beaches, but towards the Northern Capital, the land evens out a bit. The awkward teal is a VAGUE gradient for the overall topography, but it's not perfect. Also, I know lots of things are geographically impossible, so feel free to point it out and I'll probably just (let you) fix it. If it's really something I need to keep... well, this is fantasy, people. If I say a dragon melted a glacier and formed a lake, then... I deem that to be so. ANY EXTRA INFORMATION YOU NEED CAN AND WILL BE PROVIDED UPON REQUEST.
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    -has one offer-
    yay! :3 Still interested in others.
    I'll decide in a week or so.

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    Post takenun/paidMap of the Nation Aethous

    Heh, its funny, cause Im good I think at scripting too and my weak point is art colormaps. That is why Im going to use colormaps made by another guys and focus on placing units, scripting and other little things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SopFreem73 View Post
    Heh, its funny, cause Im good I think at scripting too and my weak point is art colormaps. That is why Im going to use colormaps made by another guys and focus on placing units, scripting and other little things.
    Well, should you need a map dont't hesitate to contact me.

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