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    Bahx Lumophorus Nileli is an NPC in our ongoing (for several years!) Dungeons & Dragons Campaign. I made him up for mapping purposes. i like to draw maps (handdrawn with minimal use of a computer) for the lands, cities and continents that Dungeonmasters made up. So we invented a epic level NPC who is the leading cartograph in our D&D universe. He soars the skies in an airship and never touches ground, always drawing mapswith help from some tinker devices like binoculars and nightvision goggles. His airship has five docking stations scattered around the world, hovering high in de skies. His only daugter (see avatar) is called Asphodel and is supposed to team up with travelling fellowships (maybe our team of PC's) on land and sea. her job is to map and name everything that cannot be seen from above.
    So my own passion for cartography is represented ingame by an NPC.

    I stumbled upon this guild while looking the intrewebz for inspiration. I was fascinated by the different techniques and the huge maps.

    I myself like to draw maps by hand. I use my computer only for putting the names in my maps (word). I'm planning on using photoshop later on in the process, i dont know how yet, cause i don't know anything about photoshop. At this moment i'm still in sketching phase. I'm developing two continents at the moment; Mornn (a continent developed by a friend) and Beldhet (my own creation). I shall post them in time.

    I hope to learn a lot in this guild and to have a great time.
    thanks for reading.


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    hmmm, no avatar? i'll try to make it work later.

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    That's an interesting take on mapping in a campaign

    Welcome aboard!

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    Welcome to the guild Bahx!
    Check out my City Designer 3 tutorials. See my fantasy (city) maps in this thread.

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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Nice backstory. Might account for the proliferation of "satellite-style" maps int he D&D universe too Welcome aboard and please scan some of your stuff and post it. Looking forward to it.

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