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Thread: Ship hulls (Open ended)

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    Wip Ship hulls (Open ended)

    K started working on this this is the first in alot of ship mark ups. the shuttles will be perrty much standard as they come but larger ships will be just shells Made so that any one could drop their own interiors in. I'm using some one elses ship modles for the bases.

    ... Any who this forst shuttle is for short distance Flights, about a few hours at a time.
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Name:	Shuttle-Mk2.png 
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Name:	Shuttle-Mk2Interior1.png 
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    Looks good, although the size is just a bit too small to enjoy all the details.
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    Very very pretty. It feels believable.


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    Good catch with the rest rooms Will have to re version that one.

    Heres another one, Yes it is based off of a Star trek shutle, I wiped the markings so as to be used in personal games. Included here are the outside the minimum interial detail so you can customize then One I made for combat ship breeching inclding a set of drones and the control centers for them. Also note it has internal guns for defense against counter bording intrusions.
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Name:	Shuttle-Mk2Wiped.png 
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Name:	Shuttle-Mk2Min.png 
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Name:	Shuttle-Mk2Breech.png 
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    I will go back and see bout making higher res modles for better detail.

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    Higher res for first shuttle

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Shuttle-Mk2Interiorhires.png 
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    Crud forgot the Head again

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    Also just notice that I forgot my clip masking on my Breeching shuttle (where the red control pannels are.)

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    Heres another configuration for the trek style shuttle.

    This one is set up for SAR missions (Search and Rescue)

    it includes:
    • Interior walls blocking patient area from engines and pilots
    • 4 medical stations for emergancy treatment
    • Table/lounge for non-critical patients
    • Light breeching mudual
    • Wench for recovery
    • Tank of some mysterious scifi medical fluid
    • Cargo containers holding various aid supplies

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Shuttle-Korolev SAR.png 
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    Sorry bout that this is a cropped version, got rid of alot of the excess trans area.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Shuttle-Korolev SAR.png 
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    Quote Originally Posted by shantedracule View Post
    • Wench for recovery

    I know that a good wench certainly helps me recover faster. Especially if she comes bearing a platter of food and beer.

    And well.. other recovery oriented activities are not frowned on either..

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