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Thread: Tutorial group work idea?

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    Question Tutorial group work idea?

    Hey, I had an idea for a fun little project awhile ago when so many cool responses were posted to my city tutorial, & I am interested in your opinions.

    Here it is:

    What if someone found a really cool map (from any source) and we created tutorials on how to create it.

    But here's the novel part: people volunteer to write the tutorials each for different software applications (GIMP, CC3, Illustrator, Paint, etc.), so in the end we'd have three, four, five, (or more) tutorials all leading to the same map.

    Heck, we could even have two or more tutorials for the same program, since we all know there are 200 ways to skin a cat, so I'm sure 2 GIMP tuts would show interesting divergences in process.

    Anyway, the above poll is simply to see what all of you think of the idea.

    Anyway, just brainstorming ways the Guild could be more useful and interesting, and this is something I personally would find very interesting, so thought I'd throw it out there. Of course, even if everyone like the idea the project's green light is dependent on people willing to actually <i>make</i> tutorials, which is another matter entirely! I'm just an idea man, people; don't bother me with trifles such as feasibility!!

    Have a great day.
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    I like this idea. It would even make it easier for people who might be interested in transitioning to different software or want to compare work flow between them to see if they want to get it.
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    Default I'll play

    I'll play this game - choose the map, and I'll be your Xara Tutorial writer, since obviously no one else will

    There once was a 3D tutorial magazine called "Serious 3D" that only came out with 2 issues, before falling on its face. Similar to your idea, this mag for 3D design would focus on a theme, like "Star Wars", and then proceed to demonstrate tutorials for creating "monsters" and "structures" using everything from Lightwave, 3D Studio Max, Maya, etc. In a few cases they'd create the same model using two different apps, by two different designers.

    Their idea was great (so is yours!)

    The only reason the magazine failed, was there was no advertising, it was subscription based paid for only - and they just couldn't get enough signups to pay the cost of printing the mag - too bad, great magazine, great idea.

    Count me in!

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    I'd love to see more about Xara's capabilities. Gameprinter, why don't you enter this month's challenge and use Xara to design a compass rose? Screenshots of your WIP would be a great way to show us its capabilities in action.

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    Post Good idea - I'll do it!

    Sure, why not? I'll hunt down your contest challenge page and do just that.

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    I'll throw my hat in with what little I know about GIMP.

    Ideally, the maps should be small/samples so that these don't get out of hand. Another option is even focusing on certain techniques. For example, I have figured out how to make a pretty wicked looking woodcut ocean effect in GIMP very similar to S. John Ross' technique explained here:

    I just need to get around to writing it up...

    -Rob A>

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    yeah, great idea. choose a map and i'll add in a tutorial for the corel pain/draw foks out there... i'm not the best but i think i have a few tricks up my sleeve to add to the mix.

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    Heck, if you want, I can even do a small tut on 3D representation VIA Vue, 3DS MAX or MAYA.

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    I like this keep it under control, may I suggest keeping ALL the tutorials for one map in one thread....and to make it searchable and easier to spot...preface the "master" thread with something like "MULTI-TUTORIAL: "
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