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Thread: Hey folks, thanks for the invite

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    Info Hey folks, thanks for the invite

    Greetings all.

    I go by HellHound on most forums, real name is M Jason Parent, and on the forums I help run ( I go by a name that is pretty much an expletive, so I won't repost it here.

    I've been playing D&D since I turned 10. I remember drawing maps of huge dungeons as a kid, and the style has stuck with me over the years.

    I love old-school maps. Black and white hand-drawn dungeon maps and classic Expert Rules hexmaps. I draw lots of maps and scan a few now and then. My actual mapping is only fair at best, but I put some extra time into it and somehow it makes them into things that other people like to use in their games, which is enough encouragement to make more.

    I'll start a thread soon with a collection of the maps I drew by hand, and then maybe another for some of my old HexMapper work, if that kind of thing is appreciated too.
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    Welcome, Hound! I enjoyed seeing your maps (linked from the Guild recently) & look forward to seeing more. The "old school" style sure brings back memories to me...

    Sure, I say post Hexmapper stuff, hand drawn stuff, anything...Why not?

    Take care,
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    What I play these days is CyberPunk, so most of the maps I use are maps of malls, stores, hotels and so on - stolen from websites. It's rare that my mapping skills are called into play when working on my modern and future-era games.

    When I do play fantasy games, I like small "dungeons" for my games, so rarely will you see a map from me with more than a dozen rooms all told. The elven fortress map that I'll be scanning is an exception to this (with almost 24 rooms).

    I like 'engaging environments' and maps that use three dimensions a lot. There are usually a lot of stairs, ramps and multiple level interfaces in my maps so they remain interesting while being the setting for a single scene of a game, instead of being the focus of an entire session.
    all my gaming stuff in one place
    CyberPunk, Vampire, GunPorn, Star Frontiers, HeroQuest, deadEarth and more

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    Welcome, HellHound. Good to see more EN World folks here.

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