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Thread: FT Rivers???

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    Question FT Rivers???

    Hey all, Just a quick note. I'm experimenting with a version of FT (original) which I found on the net. I'm treating it as a trial version to see if I would have use of a legitimate copy. Question is this: How do I get FT to calc Rivers??? I'm doing a whole world for a story I'm working on but simply can't seem to map the river in FT. Do I need Pro or better or something?
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    Post's the Thing. I have Fractal Terrains (the Most recent) and while I could tell you, it would go against my principles of assisting people who utilize "illegal" software. This is doubly difficult, because the creator of the software (Joe Slayton) is a member of the Guild by the name of Waldonrate, and is an active member, who answers questions. By utilizing an illegal piece of software, you are in effect stealing money from Waldonrate (he gets a portion of each sale of FT).

    SO, I will leave the answering of this question to him. I hope you understand.

    (P.S. Profantasy actually provides trial versions of FT)
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    River calculations are a feature of FT Pro, not the original FT.

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