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Thread: Gimp Basics (EASY)

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    Tutorial Gimp Basics (EASY)

    Hi im Kevin
    I made this tutoiral for people that dont know how to use the basics of gimp. This is the first post of mine and only contains 2 tutoirals. Ill be posting more very shortly. The tutoiral is in the zipped folder. It contains 3 different file types of it. One .pdf one .mhtml and one .doc. Please feel free to post comments about how to do things and i will make them show up in the new tutoiral. You can contact me at
    my windows messanger is
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    i should have a new tutoiral post out by tommarow if any of you are interested.
    and feel free to comment and ask me questions and i would more than be glad to put them in the tutoiral for you.

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