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    Post [taken][unpaid]Modern City Map Request

    I was just wondering if anyone could do this request for me; I've given it a try but I am never satisfied with my results.

    I'm looking for just a streetview map of a modern city in the style of this: . No real specifics on building types, just looking for a map of a city with some sort of grid system. Thanks!

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    This is a 10 minute job with a vector program. I'm happy to do it for you. Can you give me any more details about the city at all? How big? Any notable buildings? Do you want a river flowing through the city? Do you have particular street names in mind? That sort of thing.

    What would be very helpful is a sketch of what you're after.

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    I guess I should've gone into the specifics. Just a rather large city, with a river (or 2) through the middle of it, with all the structures (police station, hospitals, gas stations, etc) a modern city would have.

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    That's something but still not very specific! Do you want to make a list of the buildings you would like in the city so I can put them in? How large is large? Perhaps there's a real life city that you can compare yours to? I can look it up on Google Earth and model your city on that one? The ref pic you linked to has street names, do you want street names? If so, probably the best way to do that is for me to produce one without street names, and for you to print it out, write them in with a pen and scan the result and then I'll be able to put them in for you.

    all the best


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    Still need more specifics!

    Right now, with the information you've given me the best I can do is to make a copy of the map you've provided. Can you give me more information? Surely you must have some idea of what the city will look like? What you want in it? General shape? Which direction do the rivers run in?

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