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Thread: Importing a Fractal Terrains map to CC3

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    Post Importing a Fractal Terrains map to CC3

    Hey guys, first time posting here, and recently new user to both these programs. I spent time first getting to know Fractal terrains and am fairly comfortable with it and now just getting to know CC3. what I'm having a hard time doing however is importing a usable FT file.

    First a bit of background, my FT is a bit older so that it will only export as a CC2 file, don't think that should be a problem though as CC3 can convert CC2 to CC3

    What's happening is when I do upload my FT map into CC3 it comes in as strictly a line drawing Altitude map and nothing else, I tried then converting it from a CC2 file to a CC3 file and as near as I can tell it turned it into a colour coded altitude map.

    what I'm looking for is converting it to the classic overland style so I can begin playing with it.

    So what am I missing? Is it the exporting settings i'm not tweaking properly? am I missing a step in importing it? or is it just plain ignorance lol?

    Appreciate the help,

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    I am sure Waldonrate (The software author) will be along shortly to answer this.
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    Check out the ProFantasy forum ( ) as this question comes up regularly.

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    Ok, I have looked all threw the forum there, and I dont see anything that jumps out at me.

    I also need to figure this out.
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