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Thread: GIMP Tutorial - Realistic Water

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    Tutorial GIMP Tutorial - Realistic Water

    Heyla! I've never been one for making first posts in the appropriate forums, instead preferring to jump right in and be useful. So, here we go.

    I found this tutorial earlier today, and it struck me as particularly useful to the RPG map-makers around here. I myself am intending to use it on a world-map I am helping a GM make:

    You can get much more realistic than my rather crappy first try, but it's there to show how easy it really is.
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    Great, great find Chaosmark! I would love to have this thread filled to the brim with GIMP tutorials!

    PS: Welcome to the Guild!!! Great first post.
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    I will echo Don's comments and welcome you as well. I'll have to try this in PhotoShop.

    Aside: Don, love the new avatar! LOL
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    Thanks for the link! That's another great one to add to my bookmark collection of handy GIMP tutorials!

    -Rob A>

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