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Thread: Hello Cartographers!

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    Default Hello Cartographers!

    Admittedly, I don't think you'll see a lot of me posting around here, certainly not at first, but I wanted to say a big hello and a bigger kudos to all the fantastic map-makers out there.

    I am a writer rather than any sort of artist, and stumbled across this place when looking for some inspiration - I'm looking at putting together at least a very rough map for my novel so I can visualise things a little to aid me with the writing progress. I'm not artistic in the slightest, so I'll be checking out the tutorials (big thanks to those who have taken the time and effort to put these together too, I tried one briefly last night and unfortunately failed, but practise will certainly help) and seeing how I go I guess.

    Keep up the good work everyone, as those who can are an inspiration to those like me who so far can't, and it's amazing to see who can be done with some hard work and patience!


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    Welcome to the Guild Minty! There are more than a few writers who have stumbled upon, and subsequently joined the Guild after casting about for inspiration for maps for their novels, so you are not alone out there. I encourage you to keep practicing with those tutorials. Mapmaking is tough work, but you'll get the hang of it with practice. Also, if you post a WIP, you'll be able to benefit from the accumulated wisdom of other veteran map makers withing the Guild. So don't feel like you have to perfect a style before your map is presentable, just post what you've got, and others will come along side to help and give advice. Happy mapping.



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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Ok, maybe I'm just slower than you guys, but how do you get to the actual map-making thing? How do you make the map? Any help would be awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonsozen View Post
    Ok, maybe I'm just slower than you guys, but how do you get to the actual map-making thing? How do you make the map? Any help would be awesome.
    That would actually depend on just what it is you want Demonsozen. The "push a button and get a map" thing is just past the first star on the left and keep going til morning. (yes, wendy we can dream can't we?). How to get to the Tutorials thingy is easier as it is one of the Forums at the bottom of the Home page here at the Guild. There you will find tutorials for all sort of things map related in a variety of different programs. photoshop and Gimp are two simular programs so tuts for both work well for each other, but do require a bit of rework due to differing capabilities. Finally, if this is you first forray into map-making, I would suggest the "Quick Start Guide to Mapping" sticky at the top of the Intro forum.

    /end thread-jack

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