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Thread: Kitsumura, a village in Kaidan

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    Default Kitsumura, a village in Kaidan

    Kitsumura is a hengeyokai village needed for the second adventure of my Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story setting publication for Pathfinder RPG. The adventure is called, The Gift: Part 2 - Dim Spirit.

    This map uses my hand-drawn style given soft colors using Xara Xtreme Pro 4.0. This is the same style used in my March 2010 Map Challenge Entry: Snow Country.

    While the March Challenge features a winter styled village, Kitsumura needs a summer season. Kitsumura is located in the mountainous interior of the Island of Yonshu, hidden away from imperial and provincial authorities, as a kind of barbarian village. Hengeyokai are animal barbarian shape-changers, of which there are several types, though Kitsumura features - kitsune (fox), musashi (badger), and tanuki (raccoon dog).

    The village has what is typically found in any rural Japanese village.

    I created this first having created roofs in 3D and used as a reference to hand-draw at 24 x 36, then scanned into Photoshop, imported to Xara Xtreme Pro 4.0 where all the colors, shadows, bevel effects were applied.

    Kitsumura is a key rest area between action for the PCs in The Gift: Part 2 - Dim Spirit adventure module. This module should be published sometime in May 2010.

    Here's a link to the WIP Forum thread for Kitsumura:
    Kitsumura - a village in Kaidan

    I had lots of fun creating this, especially the cool stream and waterfall. This map is my second true Isometric map (the challenge map this month was my first.)

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    Amazing job, as usual

    My only complaint would be the bottom of the forest above the river; it seems too blunt of a transition.

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    Nice work, again...

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