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Thread: Ross Racine - Hand drawn sattelite style maps

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    Default Ross Racine - Hand drawn sattelite style maps

    it's all modern maps but this guy has a really cool style.

    Website here.

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    Love the style...hate the roads. Can you imagine living on the cul de sac in that spiral neighborhood? Yech.

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    Doesn't this guy use one of those procedural generators to come up with the layout if not the whole thing? I can't remember the software but it was very pricey.
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    They were saying on Cartotalk that it was all handdrawn...bits of it do look procedural though, now you come to mention it.

    Yeah, mearrin...some of those places would be hell to live in, a bit like that stupid palm tree thing they have in Dubai, which they sold properties to lots of very rich people to and which has now tanked..... heh heh...the price of a vanity property hey? I mean, how seriously stupid is this idea?
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    Yeah because houses built on sand work out so well. Haven't these sunk into the Sea yet? Just looking at it freaks me out. The thought of living on that just makes me shake my head. I'd have to say if I lived there when the storm hit and my life flashed before my eyes I would know my death was my own fault.

    Does anyone know if they are as unsafe as they seem to look? Do they float?
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    From what I remember (saw a special on TV), they are actually laying down tons of stone and rock to build up the foundation below the sand/water level, so I expect it will be stable over at least several decades as long as they at not hit by storm after storm constantly. I could be wrong on this however.
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    They brought in Dutch engineers and as we have been fighting the water for centuries, I think the houses will be pretty safe. Indeed they will have a strong foundation and there are flood breakers. Not sure if they can finish because of the debt thing though
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