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Thread: BBC4 series: The Beauty of Maps

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    Link BBC4 series: The Beauty of Maps

    Hi all

    I saw this advertised last night on BBC4 (in the UK, sorry dunno if it's elsewhere) - a new Series looking into cartography.

    Next Monday, 20:30 (GMT) on BBC Four
    Medieval Maps - Mapping the Medieval Mind
    1/4. The story of the Hereford Mappa Mundi, the largest intact Medieval wall map in the world.

    (Couldnt see if this info has been posted already, if so, sorry for the duplicate, feel free to delete this one)
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    Oh! They've included Descelier's world map from 1550! I've always liked it. While its interpretation of Scandinavia is hilarious, many other areas are simply stunning, especially considering it's from 1550 o.O

    Thanks, Jezelf for posting this find!
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    cool stuff! love the satirical map of europe

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    Hey that's kewl, thanks for posting it.
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