Hello, I was looking for some advice on the best software for a beginning map maker to make some nice quality maps that will be used for Tabletop RPG'S, VTT'S and possibly put into print in PDF format. As of now I have really no clue on how to make maps of any quality (I really love the maps that Paizo makes for their Pathfinder products). I have GIMP and have messed around with it a little bit modifying existing maps and such for my personal use but as I am currently creating my own campaign I will need new original maps and I would like to create those myself.

As I stated I have GIMP and I will read some of the tutorials for that and see what I could accomplish but to me it seems that GIMP would not be the ideal choice for making maps for RPG'S. I have been looking into CC3 and DD3 and were wondering on peoples opinions on that software for quality of maps produced and ease of use of the software, also I would appreciate any other advice on software that doesn't cost a arm and a leg that will produce quality maps that is easy to use.

Thanks Bigkilla