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Thread: Rhedden Peninsula (D&D 4e FR) - Seeking River Police & Geo Cop advice...

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    Wip Rhedden Peninsula (D&D 4e FR) - Seeking River Police & Geo Cop advice...

    Hi all,

    First up a huge thanks to everyone who has posted so many tutes and good practical info on this site. I've got the innate artistic talent of the average cobblestone and could never have expressed my ideas with this kind of visuals without that mass of work to learn from.

    A few fact regarding the attached draft map...
    • It's my second attempt at doing a map and the first I'm comfortable showing anyone. My first map sucked up scores of hours and was never finished. This one is around the 8 hour mark and a whole different story.
    • The general outlines come from the eastern part of D&D 4e Faerun and the topmost peninsula is the focus area for our campaign.
    • I've switched off the forest colour layer so you can see the rivers more clearly.

    Draft map:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Rhedden_Peninsula.jpg 
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    And now to my queries...

    1. I've got the slope of land generally running down from the big old plateu and, for most of the map, running NE. Any comments on where I've messed that up and can correct it would be gratefully received.
    2. The smaller rivers draining the hilly/mountainous areas on the peninsulas are driving me insane! I've sketched a few in but haven't bump mapped them yet. Any comments on improving these would also be greatfully received.
    3. Much of the length of these small rivers has forest sitting over it. Is that right? Wrong? If that's generallyt correct should I maybe run a small soft transparent colour fuzzy brush over the forest colour layer so the river shows through?

    Anyone able to give advice on any of this has my gratitude.

    General C&C also sought - hell in general any practical advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for all constructive commentary.

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