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Thread: Professional Dungeon & Town/Settlement Maps Needed

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    Default Professional Dungeon & Town/Settlement Maps Needed

    This is a reach-out for a feelance artist using any medium to create dungeon and settlement maps from high quality hand-drawn versions.

    This is for
    It is a professional and commercial enterprise and I am looking to engage a cartographer artist to join the ranks of 4 character artists we currently have onboard (the site link has a gallery and I invite any and all to see what I am talking about).

    This is a paid engagement that will hopefully lead into a long term arrangement. Rights to the pieces will be exclusively held by

    I personally draw the overland maps and I am currently okay with their look and feel. I hand draw the dungeons and settlements, and while they are 'good', they need to be GREAT. I will therefore be providing dungeon and settlement maps and asking for an artist to create a more professional version of same.

    Because all of our books need to be consistent, I will be looking to work with someone for the longhaul.

    I'm going to need a settlement (small norse town) and small dungeon map drawing for the end of April - this is our release date for the first two books. After that the deadlines are 1-2 months out and can be semi-flexible.

    • This is for intermediate and advanced mappers
    • Please post samples of your work
    • Please post your work process and if you have a freelance contract available
    • Post your contact details
    • gallery/website
    • Price range/plan

    Interested parties may also contact me off list ( with the information requested above.


    ~ Alyssa
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