This map was a commission from this request.

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The map depicts the inhabitable area in a post-apocalyptic MMO game. The blog for the game is:

The 'continent' itself is a landlocked area surrounded by an ocean of trash and refuse; basically a Waste Land. From the corners of the world, giant creatures called Monads slowly devour the world, literally devouring it into non-existence over the course of centuries. The world is largely primitive, though there are aspects of more modern times that have seeped into it. The most noticeable being the Chrysler Building, which appeared after the collapse of the fifth pillar, just before the arrival of the Monads, and heralded the coming of the Observer, who saved the world from immediate nullification but damned it to a slow death.

There are two versions of the map one labelled in "faux-coptic" using the Coptic44.ttf, created by Mr. Gary S. Dykes, the second over-labeled in English by later users of the map.

The inking and labelling were done completely in Inkscape, with heavy use of the Pattern-along-Path live path extension and cloning. All of the layers created in Inkscape (14 of them) were brought as png's into Gimp as layers and hand coloured by tablet. The final image in Gimp consists of 57 layers including a good number for blending, shading and texturing.

-Rob A>