I am working on a DIY version of the classic old Eon board game, "Borderlands," and would really like to update the map. So far, I have made a jpg file of the coastline using good old AutoRealm and have toyed with filing it in with Gimp and Inkscape, but it all looks flat and unsatisfying. A couple folks have posted their redos on BoardGameGeek, but none of them do it for me. So I guess I would like some advice on a good method of taking my coastline image and gussying it up with terrain and seas. I would also like the "theme" of the board to be sort of post-apocalyptic/rebuild civilization, as that is the setting of the game. If anyone on the board is interested in this project, you can go to BoardGameGeek to see the game. And here's a link to the board that I'm working on. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have.