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    Wip Dark Meeting....

    Calan Stonebridge was very aware of the type of tavern the "Stabbed Soldier" was. Although he was only 13 years old, he had lived in Riverhewn long enough to know that the tavern was the meeting place for many of the cities seedier citizens. He hated living in the city. Especially in the area known as the "Common Ward" it was the poorest area of the city home to most of the working class. He and his mother had been forced to move here after the death of his father. Almon Stonebridge had fancied himself an "adventurer" and would disappear for months at a time in search of glory and fortune. Ultimately he found neither. Calan could remember the knock on the door of his parents farmhouse. The messenger had returned his fathers body. He had been found stabbed to death in the Docks area of RIverhewn. Calan had cried for hours while his mother and uncles buried his father. They had moved to Riverhewn a few weeks later. His job at the Stabbed Solider was a menial one. He mucked the run down stables and cleaned the run-down common room. He hated the job but it did afford him a opportunity to listen. This is what caused him to be hidden in the rafters of the one private room in the tavern. Below him three men huddled over a map and talked of a great fortune......

    Whew.. it's been a LONG time since I've been here. I'm amazed and happy to see all the talent and that the legends and friends are still here. It's great to be back and mapping again. This map is very simple and not technically brilliant but like ALL my work evokes a feeling or a story. (or perhaps an adventure hook?) I think this will be a series of small encounter styled maps that follow the adventures of young Calan Stonebridge. I present "The Dark Meeting"....
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