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    Default *** April Challenge - Cinematic Fight Scene ***

    What fun is a fight in a 10' square stone room with 2 doors? Climactic battle scenes take place across memorable terrain - from the classic collapsing cave ceiling and rivers of lava, to the opening chase scene in Casino Royale across swinging cranes. A great environment paces the combat, gives the protagonists options other than 'I stand there and hit him with my axe' and adds real peril to the encounter.

    This month, make the terrain a third combatant. Create a map for a climactic encounter. Think epic. Think over the top. Remember, in Die Hard Bruce Willis wrestles a fighter jet to the ground - few things are too extreme for a climactic movie battle.

    If you have the option to do so, adding the option of a 100px or 50px square grid for 5' squares will make your entry more useful for rpg gameplay - however this is not a necessary requirement.

    Please follow the normal rules for challenge submissions:
    • To submit an entry, please create a new thread titled April Challenge Entry - <entry name>
    • Before each entry, add the tag ### Latest WIP ###
    • Use the attachment managed to upload any WIPs
    • The challenge will end on the 28th of April.

    Check in here for the list of WIP thumbnails for the challenge as it progresses:

    Good luck and let the boldest hero stride through rivers of boiling blood to claim the crown!
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