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    Post *slinks in*

    Hi! I popped in earlier and submitted my first WIP here:

    But thought I'd backpeddle and introduce myself properly. :]

    I'm from the back woods of Alaska, attending art school in Seattle for Game
    Art & Design. I do all my work on a lap top; fortunately I have my trusty
    Intuos 2, makes life significantly easier. Thus far I've focused mostly on
    character art and realism but recently I've been forcing myself to branch out
    in the direction of backgrounds, cartoons and you betcha, maps!

    I've always had a love affair with maps, ever since my brother put them all
    over his room. He wouldn't let his little sister play D&D with his friends, but I
    always drooled over the books and the maps he drew for his campaigns. I
    never did get outgrow the fascination.

    I stumbled across this site via a comment one of the members here made on
    someone else's deviant art page, inviting them here. >.> ...decided to invite

    Seems like a great little community!
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